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Licensed Broker #00912439 CA - Since 1984
Appraisal License #AG 004777 (Certified General)

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Estates -  Trusts -  Date of Death - Financial Planning

Divorce - Partnership Dissolution - Partition Action or Sale

Litigation Support - Expert Witness Testimony - Mediation Arbitration - Trial Testimony - Fair Value Financial Reporting

Employee Relocation - Property Tax Appeal - LLC Filing

Mortgage and Appraisal Fraud - Mortgage Financing

Appraisal Reviews - Due Diligence - USPAP compliance

Fair Rental Value - Fire and Property Damage

Family Limited Partnership - Partial Interest Valuation

Charitable Donation - Pricing to Sell - Bankruptcy -

Eminent Domain - Real Estate Fraud - Construction Defects

Tax Attorneys -  Estate Planners - CPA's

Attorneys: Corporate, Trial, Divorce, Eminent Domain

Private Parties - Buyers & Sellers - Trusts

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Financial Institutions - Insurance Companies

Relocation Companies - Fortune 500 Companies

Federal Agencies  - Government Sponsored Enterprises

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For over 45 years, Mr. Gilbert has been a professional appraiser, analyst and consultant in Southern California. He has testified in California, Nevada & Texas in State and Federal Courts as an expert witness on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. Mr. Gilbert taught the State of California's Dept. of Financial Institution's bank examiners how to identify appraisal and mortgage fraud. He was a key expert witness and consultant on behalf of the FDIC on 2 major Federal Cases. He received the President's award from the Worldwide ERC for developing the 2010 Appraisal Report. He is a co-founder of Relocation Appraisers and Consultants (RAC). Mr. Gilbert is a 730 Court Appointed or neutral expert for the Superior Court.  He is a designated member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) the Appraisal Institute (SRA) and WERC (CRP). He is a member of Forensic Witness Association, NAR, CAR, RAC, Worldwide ERC, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and, Orange County Realtors. Mr. Gilbert was Chief Appraiser at 2 Financial Institutions. He co-developed an Automated Valuation Model or AVM for Veros Software. He was the President of the OC Chapter of the Society of R.E. Appraisers (now the Appraisal Institute).



Provide credible, neutral and unbiased appraisal, analytics and consulting services and  conduct myself at all times with  dignity, courtesy and integrity